Wait, Detroit is going Paleo?

Fox News in Detroit decided to showcase some spring trends, and among them they had Paleo Treats! If you want to whiz by the floral shirts, distressed jeans and other such fashionista stuff and get straight to Paleo, skip to … Read More

Birdie the cattle dog from Paleo Treats

And then there was one (steak)…

After lots of oohing an ahhing over the various delicious looking cuts of meat TX Bar Organics sent our way to taste test against the grassfed meat we have in the freezer (from Marin Sun Farms), we figured the best … Read More

eat the yolks paleo treats book review

Eat the Yolks book review

I just finished up reading through Liz Wolfe’s new book, Eat the Yolks, and really dug the straightforward writing. The conversationalist tone is easy to read and is balanced with enough scientific references to keep you busy if you’re a … Read More