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Paleo Treats E-gift certificate.

"I had these cookies last year when they were given to me as a Valentines gift. They seriously ROCK!!! We were actually just starting a Paleo challange at our box at the time.
Honestly, these cookies are one of the BEST treats I have ever tasted. You have an awesome job and the amount of love that is poured into the cookies is obvious!"

-ali j

Please note: This gift certificate is delivered via Email only.  A printable file will be emailed to the recipient, but we do not mail an actual paper gift certificate to be filled out.  If you'd like to print out a copy to hand out, please check the "Send Gift Certificate to a friend" box above and fill out their name and *your* email so we can fill out the certificate properly.  Thanks!

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E-Gift Certificate

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Notes, Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Some people just need a little push when it comes to starting the Paleo diet, and some folks just like to be treated.

If you'd like to help out a friend who might be thinking about Paleo but won't give up dessert, or if there's someone in your life who just deserves a damn fine gift, how about sending 'em a gift certificate for Paleo Treats?

Getting these Treats for friends and family may be one of the best Paleo moves of the year. Right on!