Let's move beyond just recipes, shall we?

We get it; you've scoured the web for recipes, drooled over a thousand pictures, gone shopping at Whole Foods and even gone to that funky store across the tracks to get some of the wilder ingredients like yak milk, and then...disaster.

You've found most paleo dessert recipes aren't Paleo. Nope, those chocolate chips that everyone says are Paleo...aren't (psst, check the ingredients!) Plus, since when is milk and butter Paleo? Primal, sure. Paleo, no.

The bigger problem? Those scrumptious looking recipes, well, they don't always turn out as nice as the pictures. Sagging layer cakes. Melted pies. Cookies that definitely don't look like dessert. Heck, even the paleo brownies which look SO GOOD on the screen can end up looking and tasting like something that ain't dessert.

Relax, you've finally found the right place. We've been making foodie-approved Paleo desserts since 2009. We are serious about flavor, texture, ingredients and Paleo. Yes, all of them. We've shipped around the world, from Australia to Afghanistan, and we've ironed out all the kinks of getting a great dessert to your door.

So instead of searching, scouring, hunting, gathering, shopping, sifting, mixing, making, and baking it all only to have a hot mess, sit back and relax. Click around, read our FAQ, laugh a little, find something you like on our store, and order it. We have a 100% guarantee that you'll be stoked with Paleo Treats or you get your money back.

Guaranteed delicious healthy desserts? Now that's something you won't find on any recipe site! Enjoy!