June 22, 2017

Why We Use Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Espresso

The Paleo Treats Rocket, an espresso brownie

It seems strange to think we used to not pay attention to the ingredients in our food.

Aside from a few hippies and weirdos, for the longest time our collective interest in food stopped at the purchased product: Bread, coffee, cookies. They were what they were, we bought based on taste and price and we had no interest in the parts, merely the sum.

As the internet began to answer many of our fleeting questions with ease, (Why is the sky blue? What’s in these cookies? What does organic mean?) not only did the ingredients become important, the source and provenance of each ingredient began to stir our interest.

Where did this coffee come from? Where does coffee in general come from? Under what conditions was this coffee harvested, shipped, roasted, and ground?

Here at Paleo Treats we’ve always started with the necessary: To make espresso brownies like the Rocket, you need espresso powder.

For our very first batch, we went searching naturally enough on the internet, bought a few pounds of espresso powder from a reputable shop and ran a test batch.

It was delicious, and we went into production.

Then we began to field offers from coffee companies: “Hey, we’d love to provide your coffee and we can grind to order.” “We’re local.” “We’re organic.”

We remembered for the hundredth time the importance of going beyond just names and numbers and into the story and the history of what it takes to get a product to market.

It was time to search out the best possible coffee company for Paleo Treats to work with. Now, “best” is a subjective term. After all, taste is different for each one of us. Provenance plays a more or less important role, depending on who you talk to.

Having made my own coffee and geeked out on it for years, I knew that for me, taste was secondary to the ritual.

Getting up in the morning, walking and feeding the dogs, then making my cup of coffee is my morning ritual. I love my walk, I love my dogs, and I love making coffee for whoever wakes up in my house.

I’ve covered my coffee making pretty extensively in other blog posts, the important point here is to note that the actions are just as important as the origin.

That’s why we’ve decided to partner with Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) to provide the espresso powder for our Rockets (espresso brownies.)

The Rocket, an espresso brownie that's Paleo

I’ll start by saying that their coffee is fantastic. That’s a necessary prerequisite, but we’d like to move beyond merely fantastic.

The folks at BRCC aren’t the ones you think of when you first think of coffee geeks. They come from a strong military background and have what Hollywood loves to call “unique skill sets.”

Having come of age in the military myself, I felt a strong kinship with the BRCC crew.

Like them, I understand the struggle that goes on when you leave the military (or working for the government in general) and walk away from the safety of a steady paycheck and a massive system of support into the wilds of the real world.

They trusted in themselves, in their ingenuity, their drive for excellence, their integrity, to provide success. I like that. I like that they went from safety to danger. I like that they volunteered to serve their country before they joined the civilian workforce. That holds a lot of weight with me.

That’s not to say that we agree on every facet of existence, or that joining the military is a prerequisite for being a Paleo Treats supply chain vendor. It’s more of a point of integrity with us: We’ll support those who share the same general drives as us.

We believe that volunteering is important. We believe that seeking out danger and solving problems is essential for growth and a healthy culture. We believe that the pursuit of excellence is an essential piece of a well lived life.

We understand together that an objective assessment of any situation is equally as valuable as the subjective, and that both together constitute an environment which delivers good decision points.

All of those shared beliefs are just as important to us as the actual ingredients or provenance of the coffee. We think when you get those initial beliefs in alignment, not only will you get a partner you like to work with, but the coffee will be as good as it can be.

In the case of BRCC, that is some damn fine coffee. Lee (co-owner of Paleo Treats) thinks using the BRCC espresso has amplified the taste of the Rocket by a factor of 10. Yes, 10. That’s what happens when you apply the pursuit of excellence to anything.

Since starting in 2009 we’ve gone from understanding that a healthy diet is based on ingredients to learning more about getting the best ingredients to acknowledging that the story behind those ingredients is just as important as the source.

We are super stoked and honored to have partnered with a company that shares not just our passion for the right ingredients, but the right story.

Nik @ PT

Nik Hawks


Nik Hawks helps run the show at Paleo Treats. Fascinated by humans in all their strange glory, Nik is harnessed in and pulling hard in pursuit of excellence with the rest of the PT Crew. Enjoy!

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