30 Days Of Paleo Treats

  • 30 Paleo Treats, includes shipping.  Looking for Ingredients?  Click the tab just above this.  This is a one-a-day 30 day supply of Paleo Treats.

    You should write in the Notes section at checkout how you want us to break out the 30.  For example, "15 Banditos and 15 Cacao Now" or "20 Mac Attacks, 5 Brownie Bombs, 5 Rockets" or... you get the point.  If you don't tell us what you want, we'll send you our choice.  

    If you want to be fancy and in-the-know, use BA for Bandito, BB for Brownie Bomb, CN for Cacao Now, MA for Mac Attack, MU for Mustang Bar, and RO for Rocket.  For example, "5 BA, 5 BB, 5 CN, 15 MU"

  • Bandito: almond flour, roasted almond butter, coconut oil, honey, cacao butter, flax meal, dried unsweetened coconut, cacao powder, vanilla extract, sea salt

    Brownie Bomb: honey, pecans, eggs, coconut oil, cacao powder, almond flour. That is it, and that is all.

    Cacao Now!: honey, cacao butter, almonds, raisins, cacao powder, pistachios, goji berries

    Mac Attack!: shredded coconut, egg whites, honey, cacao powder, cacao nibs, vanilla extract

    Mustang Bar: almond butter (roasted almonds), coconut oil, walnuts, honey, almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, almond flour, coconut, vanilla, salt

    Rocket: honey, cacao butter, eggs, coconut oil, cacao powder, almonds, espresso coffee, vanilla extract

    What to Expect

    These are (like all Paleo Treats®) damnably delicious and are backed by our 100% guarantee.

    Paleo Treats® use NO stabilizers, NO preservatives, NO synthetic stick-around junk; these are pure whole food desserts made from Paleo ingredients.

    Paleo Treats are truepaleo. Truepaleo signifies a strict adherence to paleo principles, indicating only ingredients that were available before the onset of agriculture. It is the strictest certification in the Paleo world and only awarded to the very few products that meet its extraordinarily high standards. Truepaleo: If there is any doubt, there is no doubt.

    No Gluten--No Grain--No Dairy--All Natural!


    We DO NOT ship to PO boxes. We ship via FedEx or USPS depending on speed and cost. If you have a known issue with either carrier, PLEASE let us know when you order and we’ll get you taken care of. Any free shipping offers apply only to the US. We ship USPS to HI, AK, APO and FPO. We do ship international via USPS, you'll see a quote during the checkout process. Our intention is always to get you your Treats in the best possible condition.

    Don't love it? Let us know and we'll refund or re-ship. Seriously.

    If we're shipping outside the lower 48 US States (international, AK, HI, etc) the additional shipping cost is shown in the cart. Want more?

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