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This is an Add-On, which means you must also have at least a dozen Paleo Treats in your cart to check out.

While we're mainly a Paleo dessert company, we're always finding Paleo snacks we love, including this delicious biltong recipe from Stryve.

Here's the story: 

I first saw and tried Stryve at a local grocery called Jensen's in Point Loma. Jensen's (of course) also carries Paleo Treats.

I had gone in to grab something quick to eat. I was unprepared food-wise and busy with meetings all day. Usually I blow right by those sample tables they set up in grocery stores. In my experience it's mostly hopped up sugar-shit.

This table said "Biltong" on it, and biltong is usually clean, so I stepped up. The rep offered me a taste, but I said, "Nah, let me read the ingredients first." Yup, I'm that guy.

What is biltong?  Biltong is a style of South African jerky where the meat is dried but not saturated with a ton of grease or that revolting sticky preservative coating that most jerky manufacturers coat their meat in.  

Biltong is preserved with natural ingredients like spices, salt, and vinegar.  No chemicals, no junk.

How long does Biltong last?  In my house, a bag rarely lasts more than an hour, but you can keep these unopened bags around for a month or so.  I bet it's got a longer shelf life than that, but fresh food is usually best, so don't let 'em sit for too long.

What shouldn't you see in biltong (or any) jerky?  You shouldn't see any nitrates or preservatives. Biltong should be universally keto friendly; it's made of protein and fat, and that should be it!

The ingredients were clean (beef, vinegar, salt, raisin juice concentrate, black pepper, white pepper, garlic powder, coriander, and nutmeg.). The raisin juice concentrate is pushing a bit, but at the end of the day it's far better than any refined sugars, and I don't taste much if any sweetness in these things. 

I took the sample. It was good.

I don't have time to make biltong at home (or the interest, to be honest). As long as the recipe is delicious, I'm all about ordering these up for delivery or just buying a few to have in case of snack emergencies.

These were so good that I snapped a quick pic with my phone and sent it to Lee saying we should pick these up for our shop in Normal Heights (and delivery to you!)

Lee ran with it. A few weeks later (which may be how long it takes to slowly dehydrate biltong properly and still maintain that moist texture) we had our account set up, and we're now stoked to provide you, our radical Paleo Treats customers, with a great beef stick option.

My favorite is the Spicy Peri Peri, but they're all good, and I've used this beef biltong  as a great snack around the mid-afternoon munchies time. High protein to satisfy, and no junk to distract ya.


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