While we're mainly a Paleo dessert company, we decided to offer some delicious Paleo jerky via our online store.  These guys are local, clean Paleo, and super delicious; throw one in your cart today!

Ingredients (Classic): Grass-fed beef, sea salt, vinegar, coriander, black pepper

Ingredients (Peri-Peri): Grass-fed beef, sea salt, vinegar, coriander, black pepper, chili powder (peri-peri)

Ingredients (Garlic & Parsley):  Grass-fed beef, se salt, vinegar, coriander, black pepper, garlic, parsley

Grass-fed Beef

Most beef consumed in the US comes from corn-fed cattle, and sadly most of our corn is Genetically Modified. In addition, most US cattle are injected with synthetic growth hormones to “bulk-up the herd”.  This alone should be reason enough to explore a “healthier Jerky” alternative. That is why our Biltong products are hand-crafted using the finest grass-fed beef, which are free of any added hormones or antibiotics. Biltong is a healthier protein snack (at least what we believe) that in many ways is the closest thing possible to our natural ancestral diet of raw, unadulterated meat. Enjoy a delicious snack that is rich in both amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Dry-aged Naturally

The main differences that make Biltong a superior product over any Jerky is the dry-aging process and that no sugar is added (ever). The natural dry-aging process of curing our beef Biltong, preserves the protein enzymes and allows for a tastier, nutrient-rich product.  Traditional beef Jerky is often heat-cured using dehydrators, ovens or smokers and in many instances “cooks” the meat. Labels don’t lie!  Have you ever read the back of your Jerky bag? Chances are you will be shocked at the sugar content. Our Biltong is not cured with any form of refined sugar whatsoever (no honey, no sugar, no molasses), so naturally it is healthier, and yes, you can taste the meat.

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