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Vegan cheese in San Diego? Yep, right here at the shop.

Paleo Treats - Made with Love

    • We loved this vegan cheese from local San Diegan company Jule's Food from the first slice. Look, we're Brie fans, but cheese ain't exactly Paleo.

      Being in Normal Heights, we get a lot of vegan customers, and we want to make sure we get you taken care of. Paleo and vegan can have a lovely shared space, and dairy free cheese is definitely in that Venn diagram intersection!

      What makes this cheese vegan?  Simple: It's made with cashews. This brie is completely plant based, with no lactose or milk allergens. Aged 2-3 weeks, it is made by master vegan chefs.

      How long will the vegan brie last?  Each Brie has a “best by” date. Once cut, we recommend consuming within 7- 10 days. Nik usually eats the whole thing within the hour.

      If you want them shipped, check 'em out in our Add On Collection, here. These are best enjoyed cold; make sure you pop 'em in the fridge when they arrive.

      We are CRAZY about customer service, with a legendary guarantee (ALL your money back AND keep the cakes if you're not happy), extremely knowledgeable reps on our Live Chat box, and owners who understand the vital importance of vegan cheese in San Diego..


      Cashew Briew, 6 oz round: Organic Cashews, Filtered Water, Enzymes, Salt.

      Truffle Brie, 6 oz round: Organic Cashews, Filtered Water, White Truffle Oil, Refined Coconut Oil, Enzymes, Salt

What To Expect At Our Shop

We usually have these in stock in our San Diego store (right across from the post office in Normal Heights.).

Everything in our shop is gluten, grain, and dairy free; we built this place for YOU!

We have vegan and paleo options, including snacks, desserts, and other goodies.

We’re proud to serve San Diego (and the world, we ship!) delicious food with no preservatives or stabilizers.

Feel free to call or email and ask if you need help learning about them, our contact info is at the bottom of every page on this site.

We love meeting new customers, please come in and say Hi!

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