Paleo 101 Course - Feb 24th, 2018

Want to learn how to make Paleo work for YOU? 

Learn from Paleo experts as they discuss everything from the basics to cutting edge Paleo ideas.

Here are some of the questions we will answer:

  • What is the Paleo diet?
  • How is Paleo more than just a diet?
  • How to maximize the benefits of Paleo?
  • What are the 7 Pillars of Paleo?
  • Are cheat days okay?
  • Best way to ease into Paleo?
  • What is intermittent fasting, and why does it work?
  • Is grass fed meat really better?
  • Should my veggies be organic?
  • What about fruit?
  • What is the difference between keto and Paleo?

This seminar will be 60 minutes with a 30 minute Q & A afterwards. 

Tickets can be bought online ($20 online, $30 at the door)

Only 20 seats available.

We’ll also cover the following topics:

  • How to judge portion size.
  • Local sources - where we shop in San Diego.
  • Breakfast of champions.
  • What your lunch and dinner plate look like.
  • The magic item everybody should add no matter what.

Paleo diet and lifestyle experts Nik Hawks & Lee Selman are your teachers. 

Nik and Lee have been following Paleo since 2009 and have explored deeply all aspects of the lifestyle, from performance athletics (CrossFit Games competitor, Leadville 100 ultra marathon finisher) to helping customers lose weight, to just generally cleaning up your diet.

They have consulted for FedEx, Red Bull, the United States Healthful Food Council and many other private clients.


What to Expect

These are (like all Paleo Treats®) damnably delicious and are backed by our 100% guarantee.

Paleo Treats® use NO stabilizers, NO preservatives, NO synthetic stick-around junk; these are pure whole food desserts made from Paleo ingredients.

Paleo Treats are truepaleo. Truepaleo signifies a strict adherence to paleo principles, indicating only ingredients that were available before the onset of agriculture. It is the strictest certification in the Paleo world and only awarded to the very few products that meet its extraordinarily high standards. Truepaleo: If there is any doubt, there is no doubt.

No Gluten--No Grain--No Dairy--All Natural!


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