Spiritual (Clean) Mug

Sometimes it's better to dance around what you want to say.  With a single asterisk, so everybody "gets it", and those self-righteous fuckers who minge about everything can't complain about cursing. 

Actually, we made this specifically for one customer's Mom who we were assured would NEVER say "shit" in public but would enjoy having this mug.  Odd, but we aim to please.  Now we have a few hundred extra laying around.

The back has the Paleo Treats® logo. Sip hot coffee and enjoy it when your boss can't complain about your "insensitive" or "abusive" mug.  

You're into Spiritual Shot, right?  Or Shet(land) ponies.  Or Shat(tering) paradigms.  Or even Shut(ters) being opened.  Never, not in a million years, would you be into Spiritual Shit.  That would be Offensive with a capitol O.  

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