Stryve Biltong - Pickup/Delivery

While we're mainly a Paleo dessert company, we're always finding Paleo snacks we love, including these Biltong bags.

I first saw and tried Stryve at Jensen's in Point Loma.  Jensen's (of course) also carries Paleo Treats.

I had gone in to grab something quick to eat. I was unprepared food-wise and busy with meetings all day.  Usually I blow right by those sample tables they set up in grocery stores.  In my experience it's mostly hopped up sugar-shit.  

This table said "Biltong" on it, and biltong is usually clean, so I stepped up.  The rep offered me a taste, but I said, "Nah, let me read the ingredients first."  Yup, I'm that guy.

The ingredients were clean, so I took the sample.  It was good.  I snapped a quick pic with my phone and sent it to Lee saying we should pick these up for the shop.

She ran with it.  A few weeks later we had our account set up, and we're now stoked to provide you, our radical Paleo Treats customers, with a great biltong option.

Happy biltonging!

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