Unicorn Masks

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So we made up a bunch of masks for the crew to wear at the shop and after hearing repeated requests to sell 'em, they're on the site.

I always thought we were a dessert company, but we turn out to be more of a "take care of you no matter what" company.

No, you don't get to choose what mask you get; most have some kind of unicorn on 'em and a variation of pink or purple.  Some have frogs, or images of space, or other rad things.  All are beautiful.  If you're really picky, ask us in the Notes section at checkout for what you want but remember:  NO guarantees!  :)

Stay safe, amigos!

If you're reading this in the year 2060, well, about 40 years ago there was a pandemic that freaked out everyone on earth with an internet connection and the government mandated in many cases we wear cloth masks to prevent the spread of the virus. 

I'm sure with your fancy 2060 technology you have better methods for handling global disease outbreaks, but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do.

Enjoy the future!

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