The #1 selling Paleo dessert in history.

100% Paleo approved. Satisfaction guaranteed. Gluten Free.

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What would make a woman describe one of our desserts as a "Paleo-gasm"?

Paleo Treats owners Nik & LeeExceptional ingredients.  Taste equal parts sinfully rich and heavenly flavor. 

A deep understanding of the complex relationship of dessert flavoring, texture, and taste.


SSL CertificateWe aim to make the best damn paleo desserts you can find.  

There's a long list of cheap ingredients our desserts don't have (no gluten, no grain, no dairy, no preservatives, no stabilizers), and a short list of a few fine ingredients. 

Taste what Nom Nom Paleo, Balanced Bites and Paleomg are raving about! 

Who the hell is behind these fantastic Paleo desserts? What is the paleo diet?