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The #1 selling Paleo dessert in history.

We aim to make the best damn paleo desserts you can find.  If you're one of a handful of serious bakers on the planet, you can probably make a better dessert on a good day with a little luck and unicorn tears, otherwise, just relax and let us do the hard work.  There's a lot of crap our desserts don't have (no gluten, no grain, no dairy, no preservatives, no stabilitzers), and a few fine ingredients. 

100% Paleo approved. Satisfaction guaranteed. Gluten Free.

Paleo Treats owners Nik & Lee

I want to know more about Paleo!

Who the hell is behind these fantastic Paleo desserts? What is the paleo diet?

Check out way more about us, eating paleo, primal, or caveman and how we think, act, play, and of course, make cookies.