July 12, 2018

Episode 56: Carla Naden and Animal Synergy

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Carla Naden joins us to talk about her work with Synergy Animal Hospice, also known as Animal Synergy, a special needs animal rescue based in San Diego, California.

Carla is as close to a living saint as anyone I've met, and her example of living her beliefs is an inspiration to me of just how committed a human can be.

We talk about the many dogs she's rescued, including Wesley, the dog with no working legs who's found an incredible forever home and is now moving Hawaii.

Wesley Yessley, a special needs rescue dog from Animal Synergy

We talk about the names she uses, including Freeshavocado, pictured in the profile on this blog.

Carla tells stories about some of her favorites, including Thor, a small, blind dog with a shriveled eye and only two teeth who looked like an opossum.  Thor lived to be 22 years old, probably wouldn't have liked you, and was a total love nugget.

We cover compassion fatigue, drawing inspiration from animals, and some of her most heart-warming success stories as well as a couple of tear-jerkers like the one about Ladybug, pictured below.

Ladybug, the dog we didn't have the chance to save.  Tear jerker.

If you're looking to support Carla and Animal Synergy, please check out her website.

“The shelters are not to blame.  They are a product of society not doing good.”

“This isn’t rocket science, once you know better, do better.”

“What do you love doing, and how can you incorporate that into helping animals?  Say you love creating flyers, or if you love walking dogs (or more, carry) our dogs, or surf with our dogs (yes, even a blind dog), or grant writing.  Find out what it is you love and let’s talk.”

“This is not easy.  It is totally worth it.  Easy is boring.”

“You never help an animal and feel worse.  You don’t have to foster an animal for it’s entirety; you can do a 5 day foster.  All rescue groups need help with awareness and fostering, together we are the change.”

"It's only as hard as you make it."

RL, a special needs rescue dog from Synergy Animal Rescue with Carla Naden

We also mentioned Tsavo's Canine Rehabilitation center here in San Diego for those of you looking for someone to take care of your special needs dog.  

Nik Hawks


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laura moore
laura moore

July 24, 2018

I have donated to this wonderful organization before and will continue to do so. There needs to be more people in the world like Nala and her organization. As Nala says “one day – maybe this wont be necessary”. Senior pets are the best!

Dennis Seiffert
Dennis Seiffert

July 16, 2018

Just finished listening to the podcast with Carla Naden. One word, WOW. She is an amazing person. It reminded me of my experience as a volunteer at a County Shelter a few years back. I had volunteered for the summer to help out with the care of the dog kennels. One early summer morning I overheard some of the Animal Control officers make a comment about an abused dog that is refusing to move from his bed so that we could clean his pen. They were getting the noose out to drag him out of the pen. I spoke up and asked if I could try to entice out. “Go for it” was their answer. As I approached the pen I saw a 3-4 year old lab mix huddles in his bedding on the far wall of the pen shivering. I walked in and closed the door behind me and got down on all fours and literally crawled to him. (I know that is crazy). I never looked him in the eyes but was talking to him in a low calm voice as I inched closer to him. His reaction was totally different than what I expected. He mimicked me and starting crawling towards me. We met halfway and I reached out my hand palm up and he muzzled his nose in it and licked it. I lifted my head a got a friendly kiss in my face. We laid there for a few minutes as I scratched his forehead and praised him. I had a loose collar with me and slip it over his neck. No reaction and slowly stood up with him by my side. I turned around to guide him out of the pen and realized I had an audience of all the Animal Control officers and a few volunteers watching me.

Somehow I knew that all he needed was a compassionate and non-threatening hand to love him.

Carla you are an inspiration.

Katie Cavicchio
Katie Cavicchio

July 16, 2018

Carla, I bow to you. Thank you.

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