Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
July 20, 2017

Contrast & Curiosity

Curiosity drives contrast drives enjoyment drives curiosity
Ok, ok, you're looking for a better life?  Want people to like you more?  Want to stimulate your brain and body and mind and grow to your full evolutionary potential?  Here's the fully illustrated (un)secret way to do it. View full article →
July 15, 2017

The Morning Routine

The Morning Routine
What do you do with your mornings?  Over the years, I've developed a morning routine to help encourage the best possible outcomes over the course of my day.  Here's how I do it... View full article →
July 06, 2017

Paragliding Has Me In Its Clutches

Paragliding, sport of weirdos
One important piece of a thriving life is to pursue excellence outside of work and home.  Yeah, I'm talking about sport and nature.  For me, I've been sucked in hard by paragliding, and here's why... View full article →
June 28, 2017

On Being A Good Human

Wisdom from Paleo Treats
What does it mean to be a good human? Is there a blueprint for becoming better and living a more fulfilling life?  I certainly think so, here's my take on it. View full article →
June 22, 2017

Why We Use Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Espresso

Paleo Treats Rocket, espresso brownie
We get a lot of questions about how we choose the ingredients for Paleo Treats.  Here's an in-depth look at why we decided to partner with Black Rifle Coffee Company for our espresso powder. View full article →
June 12, 2017

Episode 50: Dr. Amy Kruse & Neuroscience

Dr Amy Kruse, podcast interview about neuroscience
What happened to those straight-A nerds in high school?  They grew up and dove into figuring out how the world works.  Listen in to this conversation with one of them, Dr. Amy Kruse, who coined the terms "Accelerated Learning" and "Applied Neuroscience." View full article →
May 30, 2017

Joy Is Cheap

Land of Nik, on Joy
Whoa, did you really think all we did was sell desserts?  No way are we limited by that, our purview is the entirety of the exploration of joy.  Come along for the ride! View full article →
May 24, 2017

Winner, Best Guilt Free Dessert 2016

Best of Paleo badge, winner, best Paleo dessert by Paleo magazine
You voted, we won, thank you!  Woohoo, this is the 2nd time we've won Best of Paleo in the desserts category, and it's all thanks to you raising up your hand (well, clicking a button) and letting the world know what the best dessert is in the realm of real food.  Thank you! View full article →
May 21, 2017

Making Micro Decisions

Land of Nik: Micro Decisions
What the heck is a micro decision?  How do some people end up getting what they want and others seem to have long strings of "bad luck"?  Read on to find a thousand opportunities every day for you to make your life WAY better. View full article →
May 07, 2017

When Will Paleo Treats Be In...?

Land of NikThere's a reason you won't find Paleo Treats in a large grocery chain near you.  Sure, it could quad-zuple our income, but if we wanted lots of money I'd be selling cocaine on the weekends and slingin' lead for the government in 60 day stints.   Money's nice, but we make Paleo Treats because we love excellence.  Read on for more... View full article →
May 01, 2017

Q & A with Lee Selman: Beginning Paleo

Lee Selman, owner of Paleo Treats IncAs of 2017, Paleo Treats owner Lee Selman is 52 years old and looks to be in her late 30s.  What's her secret?  As Dr. Sara Gottfried says, "Genetics loads the gun and the environment pulls the trigger."  Learn how Lee manages her environment and used Paleo to help beat a health scare. View full article →
April 30, 2017

Let's Cover The Basics

Land of NikYou're not the only one disgusted by the incessant quest for shortcuts, tips, and tricks.  Let's dive deep into the cesspool of unchecked human desire and figure out how to beat your brain's slavish devotion to the easy way out. View full article →
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