Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
February 23, 2024

Explore, Reflect, Love, Treat Yourself this Valentine's Day!

Whatever it is you're looking for.  The irony of having access to so much information with the interwebz is that most of us settle for the first job that comes along.
Remember, you can do A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G you want to do.  Take a few minutes (and 2 cups of coffee if you really want to make some changes) and ask yourself, "Am I really doing what I want to do?"
I've gotten to do so many things I've lost count, and I still can't say with confidence that I'm anywhere near having done "everything".  I mean, the work I get to do is pretty darn good, but there's so much to DO out there.   I have not yet kite-skied across Baffin Island like my friend Brad Barlage, but I'm pretty sure that counts as a rad adventure.
Now, it's a good idea to keep doing things that work, like Valentine's Day, which has been celebrated as a lover's festival since the 14th century!
In the spirit of long lived love, use VDAY20 for 20% off in our online store for anything we ship.  Sweeten up, yo.
February 23, 2024

Books, Flying, Love

I'm deep into a new book called Oil + Marble. It's the incredible story of rivals Da Vinci and Michelangelo.  The book has so many cool tidbits, it's extra special because we saw both of their mindblowing work at the Louvre last year. Did you know the Mona Lisa once hung in Napoleon's bedroom?

We will be attending a wedding in England this summer, so for my birthday, I requested to go wing-walking while there. Yeah, it is what it sounds like.
Been a dream of mine forever and it's hard to find in the States for obvious reasons. Check it out here. Would you do it? :) 

In celebration of the month of love, here's the love story of Nik and me. We have 23 years under our belts, and I love him even more than when we first met

Later gator! LEE 

February 23, 2024

Connecting Cultures: A Tale of Art, Hard Work, and Cross-Cultural Bonds at Paleo Treats

But first, shout out to Lee. She sold one of her last pieces of art from an art partnership a few years back. It was a big piece, and if you've ever visited our shop you've probably seen it.

It'll hang at a pretty rad house out in the Joshua Tree area, so it's nice to know it's going to a good home.


Now to the weird thing: The older I get, the more I like to work hard. For a long time I just put more of a priority on adventuring at the expense of work.

For whatever reason, I'm now really digging working hard, and the harder I work the more joyful it becomes. Same with you?


On Friday I was working late at the shop when a young lady came in, and in heavily accented English, asked if she could charge her phone. She was an Amazon driver with 25 packages to deliver, and couldn't do it without the phone.

I said "Of course" and showed her around to the back where she could plug in her phone. She seemed uneasy at being alone in a stranger's office at night, so I pulled the "Where ya from?" small talk starter. Afghanistan.

I pulled out my phone and she got even more worried. I told her, "Hang on, I want you to talk with a friend."

If you've been following Paleo Treats for a while, you probably remember back in 2012 or so we hired an Afghan refugee named Zarifa. Zarifa was with us for two years until she got a job helping other refugees make the transition to the US. Zarifa speaks about 6 languages, including (I think) Urdu. We've shared meals with her, met her whole family, and are always psyched to hear from her when she occasionally checks in.

I called Zarifa.

"Hey Z, long time no talk. I've got an Afghan lady here who's charging her phone at Paleo Treats and she's a little nervous, would you talk to her?"

Meanwhile, my visitor is staring at me like I'm growing a third eye. I hand her my phone and say, "What language do you speak? Because I've got someone on the phone who speaks the same language."

Moment of silence while both ladies try to figure out what the hell this crazy guy is doing. Then...

"Pali?" "Pali ba, [long string of something]" followed by 2 girls laughing and giggling away on my phone for about 10 minutes.

The lady finishes talking, hangs up the phone grinning from ear to ear, then we had a nice convo (in English) about being an Amazon driver in the US and how it was a much better job than McDonald's.

It may not sound quite as rad as the experience was, but it was a cool reminder that if you just know the right person it can make all the difference in a stranger's world.

Here's hoping that this week you get the chance to ease someone's fears and give 'em a hand as they hustle through life.

Rock on!

February 22, 2024

Art, EV's, and Ruston LA

This week's email from Lee is about her art, rolling in a Tesla, and Ruston LA. View full article →
February 12, 2024

Wellness Trends and the Uncomplicated Wisdom of Self-Love

They're finally catching up to our Seven Pillars of Paleo idea, breaking down wellness into six categories.  
I'm very pleased to note that, much like Spinal Tap, Paleo Treats always goes one notch further.
Still, it ain't enough to satisfy demand as around 37 percent of surveyed people wanted even more products and services in the sleep and mindfulness segments. 
My advice?  Go visit my Mom in Indiana, jump in the river that runs by her house and you'll have plenty of time to work on mindfulness.  For sleep, well, be in bed by 10 pm with a good book and you'll probably get as much as you can handle.
This shit ain't that hard; let's not overcomplicate it!
Just to keep ya thinking, while I was out at Mom's I enjoyed a snack of cottage cheese and blueberries most afternoons.  I used to be super sensitive to dairy, and now I don't really have problems with it.
I'd say that's anecdotal evidence that our guts change both as we age and as we generally clean up our diet.
It's too late to lecture you about getting your Valentine's day order in; ya blew it if you wanted a box to arrive in time. 
Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't love yourself, and I think we can make a pretty strong case that Paleo Treats are a way to keep that love going all year long.
February 01, 2024

It's not you... it's them

t's not's them gift boxes for that special lover or running free and solo friend or family member. OR just practice some self love and stock up for yourself. 
Either way, use code VDAY15 for 15% off any online shipping order. Expires faster than your love for that crazy son-of-bitch from high school you dodged. (*Last day to ship is February 6th for gifting)
Chocolate, CHOCOLATE, and more chocolate. These are add ons to any gift box order, (DON'T order separate or I'll call you and we'll discuss how you missed this detail and see how your day is going, probably become friends, BUT don't order this separate, K?). But you can throw in some chocolate with your treat order to make them feel extra special. 
Image of Add On - Chocolate Smiles
Add On - Chocolate Smiles
January 29, 2024

Pro Tip: Order Now

Valentine's Day is 2 weeks out.  Lee is rolling solo at the shop for the next 2 weeks, so don't try to pull that last-minute shipping BS this year.  Get your order in today, give her plenty of time to get a box to your sweetie, and knock 20% off with code VDAY20when ya check out.



Why is Lee rolling solo?  I'm out in Indianapolis, watching over Mom as she recovers from hip replacement surgery.  Thanks to all of you who reached out with good vibes and prayers, she's recovering nicely, with only one minor misadventure so far.


Since I'm in a part of the world that actually experiences winter, I thought I'd max out the fun and go jump in the White River every day.  It runs right by Mom's house, so I can blast out, hit the "Max Misery" button, and be back indoors before the neighbors wonder what the hell is going on. 
At 41F outside temp and 40F water temp, it ain't the warmest thing I've ever done, but being warm and fuzzy isn't always the goal to aim for.  

With all the usual "don't be an idiot" caveats, I'd suggest giving some natural cold water baths a shot if you live in a place where winter is real.  

The gifts of winter are glorious, don't squander them!
December 22, 2023

The Perfect Gift For All

You know what YOU want, but what about the rest of the world?  What do *they* want?
We're going to go ahead and say that it's a pretty good bet they'll dig a gift card for Paleo Treats®. 
In fact, we guarantee it. 
Cheers! Nik + Lee
December 13, 2023

10% Off All Online Orders

Let Paleo Treats handle the dessert this holiday and cross one more thing off your to-do list!
The entire site is currently 10% off (NO CODE needed, simply add your items to the cart and the discount will apply automatically)... AND you still get free shipping on all orders $150+
December 11, 2023

When Do You Work Out?

For me it's 9-10 pm 4 nights a week.  Yep, I sleep well when I work out that late; about 20 minutes after I leave the squat rack I'm in bed.  5 minutes of reading and my eyes are drooping.  Dreamtime 2-5 minutes later.
Is that too late for you?
This brings me to one of my day's highlights; a hot shower.  Now, if you've been getting emails from me for a while, you'll remember I did a year of cold showers (with exceptions on Friday so I wouldn't get used to the cold) about 4 or 5 years ago. 
I learned that cold showers are both miserable and invigorating, but I sleep well whether I take a hot or cold shower.  However, the HOT shower has a huge benefit:  Creativity.
I routinely have great ideas in a hot shower.  I don't think that's unusual, but our shower time tends to be private so...have you noticed the same thing?
My good friend TJ spent Saturday with me, which was a real gift.  Always fun to be around, TJ has two defining characteristics I particularly appreciate.
First, he's inspirationally successful, and it's no accident.  He's not the kind of dude to wait around for a lucky break, he sees opportunities and goes for them like a great white after a napping baby seal.  I love it.  Every time I visit with him it re-calibrates what I think is possible.
The second amazing characteristic is how incredibly supportive he is.  Any idea you have, he'll help you achieve that goal.  It's almost scary.
You'd better be ready for when you tell him about this "thing you've been thinking about", because you'll get spit out the backside of that conversation 10 steps down a path you were only looking down before TJ walked into your life.
Here's hoping you get to meet him one day (or you've got a TJ of your own).  Have a rad week!
December 07, 2023

A Few Glorious Minutes

"How can a single piece of music make you question all of your own existence?' Turn off the lights, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy this soul moving masterpiece Arvo Pärt- Spiegel im Spiegel.  It will go down as one of your favorites.


Who said poetry is dead? This is not only a great story, but this guy's feed is full of incredible poems. I am a fan of time standing still for good poets, they are like sudden shafts of sunlight on a rainy day. A gift to the world. 


Take advantage of the storewide holiday sale still going on, we forgot to take the auto discount off. Might as well leave it 'til the first.  Go crazy. 

Cheers! LEE 

December 06, 2023

Shop the Health Bundle Now!


Looking for an awesome Paleo gift (or maybe just a great deal for yourself?) Check this out:

30 Treats (5 of each of our 6 flavors) PLUS our All Star Real Food Cookbook($24.99 value for FREE) which contains 100 of the best recipes from 20 rockstars of the real food world. 

We have 6 treats in total:  Bandito, Brownie Bomb, Cacao Now, Mac Attack, Mustang Bar and Rocket. Your Paleo peeps will dig this awesome batch of paleo desserts.

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