About Paleo Treats

We were the first company to focus exclusively on paleo desserts (back in '09), and we are working to disrupt one of the biggest and most powerful industries in the world:  Big Sugar.  Our goal in the world of dessert is to make the finale to your meal as healthy as the appetizer and to make sure that your desserts taste as good or better than anything else you could make with "cheat" ingredients.

Started in May 2009, we have grown from making batches of cookies in a small kitchen to operating out of a commercial bakery. Although we've grown tremendously since starting we still ship every package ourselves (an excuse to continually sample Paleo Treats®).

We use the finest ingredients we can find, we keep it local as much as possible and while we're focused on selling "healthy" cookies if they don't taste the same or better than their standard equivalent, we won't make it.

We are based out of Southern California and when we're not working at Paleo Treats we're probably sleeping, or crushing another gym rat workout, or installing a rainwater catchment system while softly cursing, or blacksmithing in the garage, or surfing with friends, or hiking (preferably in Patagonia), or gardening in our (of course) totally organic garden.

Whatever we're doing, it's damnably good to be doing it. Hopefully our customers are engaged in similar pursuits, although there are no requirements to enjoy Paleo desserts other than appreciation for the finer things in life.

Whether you are gluten intolerant (our desserts are certified gluten free) or can't drink milk or are just intent on fueling your body with the cleanest food you can find and are jonesing for dessert, you've come to the right place.

If you MUST know more about us, click on this link.

Lee Selman
Lee Selman, HHP

An adventurous spirit, Lee is a professional camel handler by trade and spent time running an expedition company in West Africa in the Sahara. When she’s not running the numbers or strategizing for Paleo Treats Inc she creates art with a partner under the name ManRabbit. She also practices filipino street fighting with stick, sword and knife with Blackline Fight Group in Carlsbad, CA. under the tutelage of Roy Harris.

Nik Hawks
Nik Hawks

A lover of information and wild places, Nik is a cross between tech-geek & Luddite. He has one of the greenest thumbs you’ll ever find and is crazy about water conservation; greywater, rainwater, and not keeping a lawn. When he’s not at the office working on marketing you can usually find him running in the local parks of San Diego or hanging out with his dogs, Birdie & Marvel.

Virgen Graciano
Virgen Graciano

Responsible for the graphic excellence at Paleo Treats, Virgen has a big job (that we think she does really well at!) A classical trained dancer, she’s got a mean moonwalk and a secret hunger for fine tequila. A cat lover par excellence, she is also surprisingly friendly with dogs. When she’s not working on art for Paleo Treats she's usually hanging out with her cat or finding something beautiful to inspire her.

Birdie Selman Hawks
Birdie Selman Hawks

Birdie is our most famous canine greeter and is one of the reasons Nik became a Paleo true believer. Eating Paleo cured his dog allergies, and Birdie helped test this extensively.  An opportunistic bitch with an attitude to match, if she's not sleeping or jealously guarding her ball she'll probably come up and sniff to see if you're carrying any food she can steal. Sharp as a tack and with a high ball drive, she doesn't like snuggles but she'll tear the ass out of a deer carcass. She is an Australian Cattle Dog, she gets more love than any 3 children you know, and there are a lot more like her at the local shelter; adopt, don't buy!