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Rather than have you hunt all over God's creation for information on Paleo Treats® and our position as the premium brand in the massive anti-sugar market and leader of the free (real food) world, we thought we'd take some of the load off you.

About Paleo Treats: Trust me, you are WAY better off with an interview.

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Paleo Treats is the longest running Paleo dessert company in the world, having started slightly after the Pleistocene, in 2009. They are one of the few companies to hold strong and strictly to the Paleo code, sweetening only with honey and not getting suckered into using the pseudo-sweets rampant in the market.

Guided by the importance of beauty, the power of raw data manipulation, and a frightening dedication to old world customer service, the Paleo Treats team is more of a life-well-lived enterprise expressing itself through desserts than a corporate big food soulless juggernaut.

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FedEx Small Business Grant

FedEx recognizes Paleo Treats in top ten US small businesses.

It's not every day that a massive corporation with a bigger budget for toilet paper than you've spent on all the houses you've ever owned recognizes that you're doing a good job, but that's what FedEx did.

You probably didn't know, but FedEx is pushing hard to become a partner to small businesses and as part of that they've reached into the small business community to see where they can apply their 43 years of logistics expertise.

They saw in Paleo Treats a reflection of their scrappy, creative, problem solving selves and decided to highlight the good work they think we do.

They were so excited they made a video about us, have a look!