US Wellness Meats FTW!

I wanted to take this Monday and intro you to the good people over at US Wellness Meats.  They've got some of the best meat around.  
Their animals live stress free and roam wide open pastures grazing on native prairie grasses; conditions are about as good as it gets.
Their farms work with nature to produce the most nutritious foods on the planet. NO pesticides, NO herbicides, NO antibiotics, NO added growth hormones, NO GMOs, and NO animal mRNA vaccines.
We've had a long time partnership with them and LOVE them!
They're kindly running a special deal for our Paleo Treats peeps through the end of the month, use code PALEOTREATS for 15% off anything in their store.
Check 'em out, and enjoy the best of what's out there! Nik + LEE <3

Paleo Treats


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