The Most Popular Paleo Dessert Recipes

Looking for free Paleo dessert recipes?  We've lined up a bunch for ya!  As a Paleo purist and dessert connoisseur, I'll share with you that none of these has cleaner ingredients than Paleo Treats, and many of them sneak in non-Paleo ingredients, but all of them certainly look delicious.  

As always, read the ingredients before you bake, and remember:  Chocolate chips ain't Paleo!

Here we go!

Paleo Chocolate Pudding by Wicked Spatula

Paleo Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Wow, does this look good!  We have a recipe for this on our Store as well if you just want a 1 page print out.

 Giant Paleo Cookie For One, by The Big Man's World

 The Giant Paleo Cookie

Whew, that looks like enough to satisfy my 1 cookie craving...

Paleo 7 Layer Bars by A Sweet Pea Chef

Paleo 7 Layer Magic Bars

I've always loved 7 Layer Bars.  Those look like chocolate chips to me...

No Bake Paleo Chocolate Almond Butter Bars by Beaming Baker

No Bake Chocolate Almond Butter Bars

These look great, but you can buy a much cleaner version called The Bandito here

Triple Chocolate Sweet Potato Brownies by Paleo Running Mama

Triple Chocolate Sweet Potato Paleo Brownies

If you'd like to avoid the coconut palm sugar in that recipe, you can try our Paleo brownies shipped to your door.

Caramelized Banana Pecan Paleo Ice Cream by My Natural Family

Caramelized Banana Pecan Paleo Ice Cream

This one's actually Primal with the butter, but looks delicious!

Paleo Pumpkin Cake Pops by Elana's Pantry

Paleo Pumpkin Cake Pops

This uses chocolate chips, which aren't Paleo. The bread recipe calls for stevia, which I don't like the aftertaste of but some people are willing to put up with.  Still, they look super tasty!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Vanilla Cheesecake by Paleo Running Mama

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Vanilla Cheesecake

This uses maple syrup, which we love the taste of but for purely snobbish Paleo reasons don't consider truly Paleo.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Donut Holes by Texanerin

Gluten Free Pumpkin Donut Holes

Looks amazing, but the recipe calls for brown sugar and granulated sugar, so I'm not sure how that's Paleo.  :)

Lemon Bars by Simply Taylor

Paleo lemon bars

Zoinks, I love me some lemon!  Watch out for the small amount of butter that makes it Primal, but these look remarkably clean ingredients-wise.  

French Silk Pie by Blissful Basil

French Silk Pie that's Paleo

BZ on the ingredients (aside from the shaved chocolate topping), if anyone wants to make this for me I'll trade ya a Paleo Treat of your choice.

No Bake Paleo Millionaires Shortbread by A Saucy Kitchen

Paleo Millionaires Shortbread

That is a LOT of maple syrup, but they're desserts, after all.

 Paleo Butterfingers by CookItUpPaleo

Paleo Butterfingers

This is an excellent example of something that is probably delicious, but is really only Paleo in your dreams. Coconut sugar is sugar, ghee is primal, and that pesky "dark chocolate" myth keeps rearing its head.  The second ingredient in that dark chocolate is "organic cane sugar."  Just sayin'.  For all that, these look DELICIOUS and I'm sure I'd snap 'em up if I saw one on a table at a potluck.  Sorry, I'm just a sucker for sweets, especially a cup(!) of coconut sugar. 

Paleo Rice Krispies by The Coconut Mama

Coconut Crispy Treats

Dang, these are actually Paleo (if you make 'em with honey.) 

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies by PaleoPorn

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from PaleoPorn

Spoiler alert:  Chocolate chips aren't Paleo.  RTFI.  That'd be a short way of a long way of saying Read The Ingredients, plus some sailor salty talk.  


Ok, that wraps it up for now.   

As a disclaimer, I haven't made every single paleo dessert recipe ever posted on the internet, but...

I have NEVER found a Paleo dessert recipe on the internet that is strictly Paleo AND tastes delicious.  Many of 'em use "dark chocolate" or "chocolate chips" and count that as an ingredient.  It's not.  Unless you make your own chocolate with cacao powder, butter, or nibs, what you get when you buy chocolate is usually 3 or more ingredients with the main one being sugar.  

Lots of paleo dessert recipes sneak in grass-fed butter.  That's Primal, not Paleo.  I mean, if you want to be precise, let's call 'em like we see 'em.

If you'd rather stick with Paleo desserts that have clean ingredients and exceptional taste, go to our Shop.  Everything we sell is totally Paleo, made with clean, "no BS" ingredients, and no sneaky extras, coconut sugar, date sugar, maple syrup, erythritol, or any of the 1,001 fake sugars out there.