How Long Does Dry Ice Last?

Dry ice can seem like a real mystery, but you don't have to understand the physics of sublimation to store it.  I know, I know the internet is full of stories about how it'll explode if it's sealed with anything more than fishing net.  Relax.  We use two old coolers and latch 'em shut.  Never had a problem. 

Well, one time I almost died driving home, but that has nothing to do with how long it lasts.  

We usually buy 100 lbs at a time and store it in the top cooler covered with an insulating blanket bought from Restaurant Depot and custom sewn by our local tailor to fit.  

100 lbs of dry ice lasts in our cooler for a week. We buy it on Monday and ship all week.  On slow weeks after all the shipping is done we still have a few lbs left in the bottom of the cooler.  On bigger weeks we may have to head back to San Diego Ice Company for more.  

Keep it simple, yo.

What kind of coolers do we use?  I think we bought these at Costco a few years ago.  You can use fancier and more expensive ones if you want, won't make a huge difference.  

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Here's to your small food biz success!


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