What's A Packout?

As you get into shipping perishables (or anything, really), you'll start to hear certain terms.  "Packout" is one of 'em, and it's super simple:  It refers to how you pack your box.  

People get post-graduate degrees in this, but if all you're doing is shipping desserts and food that has to stay under 70°F or so, your packout can be pretty simple.

From the bottom to the top:

  • Cardboard box, 200# test is usually fine. 
  • Insulated liner, 1-1.5" thick
  • Product (Paleo Treats and snacks for us)
  • Gel pack (sometimes we put this next to the Treats)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Dry Ice
  • Insulated top
  • Cardboard box

Super.  Easy.  

You got this!

We are PSYCHED to help you learn how to ship your perishable product across the country.  A consultation with us can save you years of experimenting and thousands of dollars.  Reach out via our Contact form to learn more. 

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Nik Hawks


Nik Hawks helps run the show at Paleo Treats. Fascinated by humans in all their strange glory, Nik is harnessed in and pulling hard in pursuit of excellence with the rest of the PT Crew. Enjoy!

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