Fasting Bundle - 3 eBooks

Ready to get the most out of your fasting experience?

Whether you're looking to lose weight, reset & re-energize your body, or test your mental strength and get rid of cravings, this eBook bundle will help you achieve the results you want.

  • Build Your Energy, Power, and Confidence Through Fasting

covers EVERYTHING you want to know about fasting; weight loss, cleansing the body, when and how and why to give your gut a break, and the many different ways you can fast to achieve your goal.

PLUS, in this bundle you'll get

  • Nik & Lee's 5 Day Water Fast Experience

which is a full report on what happened when we fasted.  Learn what it feels like to fast, how a workout affects you, and what we did when we ran into fasting problems like leg cramps and headaches.

We ALSO include our

  • Fasting Elixirs & Tonics Recipe Book

giving you step-by-step instructions on making drinks that support your fasting goals without eating solid food. 


  • includes Rick's Morning Drink

an everyday supercharged way to kick off fasting benefits.

This is the best value of all our fasting bundles, grab it today and level up your fasting game!

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