About the Blog

Who runs this show, anyway?

You may have come here thinking you were going to pick up a million top secret Paleo dessert recipes, or read about how you haven’t really lived until you’ve worn toe-shoes to the office, or how if you ever sit down in a chair and plug in to Facebook your eyes will weaken and shake and you’ll immediately get paralytic West Nile scoliosis and never be able to sleep again.

Queue announcer voice: My name is Nik Hawks, and like you I really appreciate the finer things in life; not just watches & leather boots and warm sunsets and stormy nights, but the company of intelligent and curious people who challenge the way we see the world.

It’s why I help write for and curate this blog, and why we run this company called Paleo Treats®. Tune out, turn on, and drop in to our world.