Ready For A High Performance Life?

Nik Hawks & Lee Selman, owners of Paleo Treats®, offer individual high performance consulting using a proprietary method that optimizes your life across the 7 channels you evolved to thrive in.  

Nik & Lee are fanatics about the pursuit of excellence.  From experience as an elite soldier to being a camel handler on the largest camel farm in the world to running an expedition company in West Africa to running 100 miles, they've lived and breathed being the best they can be.

Considered pioneers in the Paleo prepared food movement, they have been deeply involved in understanding AND applying the deep concepts of human evolution to create a thriving modern life. 

Opportunities for individual consulting start at $10,000/month.


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Here is just a taste of how they'll boost your life:

 Fun workouts that you can't wait to start (and finish!)

How to easily start and maintain a diet that supports your goals

 Understand how evolution shaped your mind to succeed, and how to use it!

How to decrease AND increase stress (and why you should do both)!

How to create a life of joy, and why that is critical to your success

 The most important thing you can do for results TOMORROW!

 How to work up to The Modern Vision Quest (TMVQ) in 30 days

If you want to implement the Paleo lifestyle and learn to radically change your life from people who actually walk the walk, bring in Nik & Lee to help you maximize your best possible results.

Nik Hawks & Lee Selman

We have worked with:

  • FedEx® - Entreprenuer Advisory Board
  • Red Bull High Performance Team - Multiple Athletes & Projects
  • San Diego SWAT - Peak Mental Performance Under Stress
  • University of San Diego - MBA & Undergrad Programs
  • Gerson Clinic - Healthy Living Practices