Looking to teach your organization about the Paleo lifestyle and get them fired up about life?

Nik Hawks & Lee Selman, owners of Paleo Treats®, are available to speak to your business or organization about the benefits of Paleo, what the path to Paleo might look like for you, and why going Paleo will fire up your life.

Nik & Lee have been eating Paleo since 2009. They are considered pioneers in the Paleo prepared food movement and would love to share our knowledge with your group. They have been on most of the diets out there and have a long history with specialty food.

Nik & Lee can cover the big picture (what we call the 7 Pillars of Paleo) as well as the little details (why duck fat is better than canola oil) and everything in between. They talk about failure and success, how to make Paleo work for you, and the steps to take to make this amazing diet work for YOU!

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Here are just a FEW of the modules they can put together for you:

The 7 Pillars of Paleo for a healthy lifestyle (It's not just about food)

How to easily start and maintain a healthy Paleo diet

Tips on how to stay physical and make it fun, no matter what your level of fitness

How to ease AND increase stress (and why you should do both)

How to create a culture of joy in your organization, and why that is critical to your success

Failure, success, and how to make Paleo work for you

If you're looking for a persuasive and high energy introduction to the Paleo lifestyle coming from people who actually walk the walk, bring in Nik & Lee to help your organization understand and implement this growth accelerator.

Nik Hawks & Lee Selman

Between them, Nik and Lee have presented to:

  • FedEx® - Entreprenuer Advisory Board
  • Invictus Gym - Mental Toughness Lecture
  • San Diego SWAT - Peak Mental Performance
  • University of San Diego - MBA & Undergrad Programs
  • Gerson Clinic - Healthy Living Practices