Paleo Treats® images & guidelines for reviews.

Thanks for stopping by, we're stoked to have you share Paleo Treats with your tribe.  There are a few things you'll need to know before writing about Paleo Treats. 

We recommend you bookmark this page so you can find it later when you need images.  :)


1. "Paleo Treats" is a registered trademark and must be followed with the ® symbol at the first use in any page.  Doesn't need to be on all of 'em, just the first use.  To make this symbol:

  • On a Mac, just use Option+R. 
  • On a Windows system make sure the "Num Lock" is on, then hold down the "Alt" key and type "0174".

We've worked really hard to build this brand, please help us protect it!


2. In addition to "paleo treats" (linked to our home page,, we'd love to see the a few words & phrases used as links to specific pages on our site.  These really help the search engines understand who we are and what we offer. 

As you may know, each link you use has three important elements:  The URL it's going to (somewhere on our site), the alt text (which can be whatever you want, usually a description of where it's going) and the actual words used in the review.

Here's the HTML code to do that for each term.  In the ALT text please feel free to use your own words to describe 'em:

What it looks like for our Store page:  paleo desserts 
How to do it:  <a href="" alt="Pretty darn good paleo desserts, well worth it.">paleo desserts</a>

What it looks like for the Bandito: gluten free desserts 
How to do it:  <a href="" alt="Easily the best gluten free desserts I've tried, get some.">gluten free desserts</a>

What it looks like for the Mustang Bar: paleo snacks
How to do it: <a href="" alt="Paleo snacks to die for.">paleo snacks</a>

What it looks like for the Brownie Bomb: paleo brownies
How to do it:  <a href="" alt="These paleo brownies are like a flourless chocolate cake, yummy!">paleo brownies</a>

What it looks like for the Mac Attack: paleo macaroons
How to do it:< alt="Paleo macaroons full of coconut flavor.">paleo macaroons</a>

What it looks like for the Cacao Now: paleo chocolate
How to do it:  <a href="" alt="I love these dark chocolate paleo cups, super delicious.">paleo chocolate</a>


3. The review process offers the opportunity to both parties for positive growth and marketing.  If there's anything we can do to help you with this please let us know.  We are really grateful and stoked to reach your audience, thank you for reaching out! 

4. Paleo Treats have had a lot of reviews from all kinds of folks, please make sure you do your best to offer a new or refreshing view of the Treats and how they will help your specific audience achieve their goals.


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Please use the following tags on any of your social channels:  #paleotreats #paleodesserts


As you know, images are extremely helpful for describing what you're reviewing.  We recommend using LOTS of images in your review, and even video if you can!  Here's a great link on how to get the best images you can just using your phone camera.

You may use any of the images on our store or anything below for your review.  Please do NOT just pull any old images off the web or a Google search; our brand is very important to us and we aim to keep it as current as possible.  Of course, you may also use any of your own pictures that you take.  :)

410 x 84


400 x 400

180 x 180

200 x 58

1500 x 1500

Five paleo desserts plus awards and certifications

851 x 315

All five paleo desserts