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This is an Add-On, which means you must also have at least a dozen Paleo Treats in your cart to check out.

Ingredients: Bovine hide collagen peptides

  • Let's start at the beginning: What do you use this for? That's easy, collagen coffee. Technically I put more than collagen in my coffee (read more here), but I love the benefits this has for my morning brew. Ok, on to the "why".

    The boys at BUBS have been faves of mine since we met at PaleoFX in Austin a few years back.  They're good dudes; fun seekers, hard workers, adventurers, and generally excellent humans.

    Of course, you probably want to know about the collagen powder.  As you probably know, collagen is generally considered to be good for your joints, hair, skin, nails, and muscles; you know, the stuff that holds you together.  You can get collagen at just about any place these days, BUT the real question is this:  What quality of collagen are you getting?

    That's the number one selling point for me:  BUBS is small, small enough that they only source from one high quality place.  Staying small is how you maintain quality control.  "Small" is where you get the best stuff.  

    Many collagen companies, especially the bigger ones, are so big they have to order from a bunch of different suppliers, so sometimes you get it from the good suppliers, sometimes it comes from, well, "less than optimal" places.

    I'm not a big fan of "less than optimal", and so besides the fact that I like and trust TJ & Sean at BUBS, the reason I use it is it's the flat out best collagen powder on the market.


  • Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 scoops (20g).  Servings per container: About 28. Amounts per Serving: Calories: 70, Protein: 18g (0% DV*), Sodium: 115 mg (5% DV), Collagen Peptides (Bovine) 20g. *Collagen protein does not count toward the FDS recommended percent daily value for protein because it lacks one essential amino acid: Tryptophan

Wait, I want to know way more about BUBS! 

Oh, relax!  I'll tell ya stories about 'em.  You could (and should) listen to the podcast I did with BUBS Founders TJ & Sean, here.  That'll cover the in-depth behind how they got where they were up to that point, although it's only slightly more than scratching the surface of these two characters.

At some point I should probably pitch you on collagen powder itself.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It's found in skin, hair, nails, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  With age, the body’s production of collagen slows down. Simply put, BUBS’ collagen promotes health and healing from the inside out.

*Scientifically speaking, the amino acid glycine found in collagen supports metabolic functions.

*Studies show that collagen is critical to the support and reconstruction of joints (cartilage/synovial fluids) and is indispensable if used as a recovery tool after exercise. 

*The proteins and amino acids in BUBS’ collagen help strengthen skin, promote increased elasticity, and benefit smoothness while supporting healthy hair and nails.

BUBS is proudly: Non GMO, Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone free, Ractopamine & antibiotic feed additive free, egg free, and free of preservative substance.

These statements hae not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

What to Expect

Add Ons are extra goodies to put in your box, usually paleo snacks but sometimes other supplements that we’ve found in our travels. They’re not Paleo Treats and sometimes they’re not strictly Paleo (some of them use maple syrup to sweeten, or coconut sugar). They’re all delicious and an excellent addition to your paleo food basket. They’re all either custom made for us, or they’re local brands we love.

This is a great way to get a taste of San Diego and support a couple of small businesses while eating clean & healthy.

Our goal is to find the cleanest ingredients where the products still taste really good, then make ‘em available to you. We add to and change what’s in this collection regularly, so keep an eye out for new offerings and if you see something you like don’t let it slip away!

Enjoy all the goodness!

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