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This is an Add-On, which means you must also have at least a dozen Paleo Treats in your cart to check out.

These single serve cacao butter cups are PERFECT for dropping in your coffee to add delicious chocolately fat.

Ingredients: Cacao butter

Paleo Treats - Made with Love

  • Ok, so we decided to make it easier for you to enjoy Nik's World Famous Mega Coffee, which is a chocolate riff on Bulletproof Coffee.  I mean, we ARE dessert people.  Make it a mocha, yo.

    What are these for?  Adding Cacao Butter (technically "theobroma oil") adds a superbly rich chocolate flavor to your coffee without any of the sugary garbage that the great unwashed scum pour in to their morning black gold unthinkingly.  These cups are perfectly sized for a cup of coffee.  Add and blend well.

    How many do I get?  7 cups, 1 for each day of the week. 

    I don't have time to click the NUTRITIONAL INFO tab, how big are they?  Each little cup is 9.8 grams.  They're each about as big as the second half of your thumb (for you normal hand size people.)  For Tony Robbins, it's probably the last segment of his pinkie.

    How do I use these?  We make these in super easy to use cups that you just drop into your hot coffee and blend with an immersion blender.  A spoon will not work.  The aroma by itself is incredible, but the depth of richness these add to a morning cup of fat burning coffee is a game changer.

    Why would I want to add cacao butter to my coffee?  If, like Nik, you love mocha but don't want that superloading of sugar that any commercial mocha will give you, this is the perfect way to get your chocolate and drink it too.

    What else could I use cacao butter for? 

    • DIY beauty recipes
    • Making drinking chocolate at home
    • Vegan butter replacement (with a chocolate taste)
    • Coconut oil or coconut butter replacement

  • Serving size: 9.8g.  Servings per container: 7.  Amount per serving: 1  Calories: 87, total fat 10.1g (15% DV), sat fat 5.8g (29% DV), cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), sodium 0mg (0% DV), total carb 0g (0% DV), dietary fiber 0g (0% DV), total sugars 0g, protein 0g

Wait, I want to know way more about fat burning coffee!

The original idea was popularized by Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Coffee.  The claim is that the caffeine kicks up your fat burning metabolism while all the fat gives it something to burn.

Look, we're not scientists so we're not making any claims.  I will tell you that I (Nik) can't drink straight coffee and do anything productive except run for about 90 minutes.

Once I add in a few fats (coconut oil, butter, and this cacao butter) plus an egg and some collagen, well, I can sit down to work hard and focused from about 8AM to 2PM before coming up for air, sans 90 minute run.  So. That's my N of 1.

If you can't drink coffee but you still want to run for 90 minutes, well, just listen to AC/DC's Thunderstruck on loop. You'll get a similar stimulating effect, although you may burn out faster.

What to Expect

Add Ons are extra goodies to put in your box, usually paleo snacks but sometimes other supplements that we’ve found in our travels. They’re not Paleo Treats and sometimes they’re not strictly Paleo (some of them use maple syrup to sweeten, or coconut sugar). They’re all delicious and an excellent addition to your paleo food basket. They’re all either custom made for us, or they’re local brands we love.

This is a great way to get a taste of San Diego and support a couple of small businesses while eating clean & healthy.

Our goal is to find the cleanest ingredients where the products still taste really good, then make ‘em available to you. We add to and change what’s in this collection regularly, so keep an eye out for new offerings and if you see something you like don’t let it slip away!

Enjoy all the goodness!

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