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If you’ve been following Paleo Treats you know we’re picky about our ingredients. I wanted to take a minute and give an example of just how picky we can be, so let’s talk about…honey.

We’ve gone through a bunch of different honey suppliers over the years, from huge outfits based out of Australia to what I call “honey drug deals”, where you meet in a parking lot and hand over cash for a bucket of honey.

Honey is an important part of Paleo Treats; it’s the only sweetener we use for the Treats, and honey is the only sweetener we consider to be strictly Paleo.

Honey is also one of the most variable ingredients out there. Honey from wildflowers is different than honey from mesquite, or sage, or lavender, and you can definitely taste the difference.

We are super psyched to have found a rad supplier for our honey who is local, can fulfill our needs (up to 120 lbs a week!) and is just as passionate about high quality honey as we are.

Enter Mikolich Honey (yay!) They are long time beekeepers based out of San Diego County, which by the way has more farms than any other county in America (5,000!)

Most of those farms are between 1-9 acres. With a wide variety of microclimates we’re basically the epicenter of small farming and food to table dining. With all the different crops we San Diegans can grow, there are a wide variety of sources for honey!

What does that mean for you, an enjoyer of Paleo Treats? It means all the honey you get from us (yes, we carry Mikolich honey for sale as well) is raw, local, not blended, flash heated, pasteurized, or fine filtered.

This year the Mikolich beekeeping family is expecting an excellent honey flow due to all the rain we’ve gotten, and we’re psyched to share that abundance and glorious local taste with you.

Pictured is Nik holding a 60 lb bucket of honey with Erika from Mikolich. Erika’s Dad is the beekeeper and she does deliveries, marketing, and helps run the biz. Pretty cool, eh?

Honey on, homies!

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