Add on - Talitha Organic Coffee Beans


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Proudly presenting their flagship blend: this is Talitha's spin on a classic coffee roast - a smooth and rich coffee boasting traditional dark chocolate and nutty characteristics that works well both for drip and as an espresso! While they know the trend in the coffee industry has moved toward much lighter coffees, they understand that a solid espresso/drip blend that maintains customary dark chocolate and roasty characteristics is a must for traditional steadfast coffee enthusiasts.

About Talitha:

Great coffee. Greater cause. By choosing Talitha, you are contributing to creating positive change in the lives of survivors of trafficking. We hope that you join us on this journey to making a difference, one cup at a time.

With a deep passion for combating sex trafficking, Talitha's co-founder Jenny Barber was determined to make a positive difference after witnessing the devastating, intergenerational impact of the issue from a young age.

Paleo Treats - Made with LoveThis coffee has a taste profile of Baker's chocolate, walnut, molasses

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