Add On - Whoa Tiger Granola

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This will ONLY come as an Add-On to a box of 12 or more Treats.  


Almonds, apricots, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, shredded coconut, coconut oil, sesame seeds, flaxseed meal, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg

Paleo Treats - Made with Love

  • Looking for gluten, grain, and dairy free granola that is naturally sweetened and not filled with extra fillers like oats or the cheapest possible dried fruit? 

    This is the granola we make at home, and after MANY requests we've decided to make it in batches for you.


  • Serving Size: ½ cup (58g)
    Servings: About 4
    Calories 384
    Total Fat 29.7g (38%)
    Sat Fat 6.8g (34%)
    Cholesterol 0mg (0%)
    Sodium 36mg (2%)
    Total Carb 32.2g (8%)
    Fiber 6.6g (24%)
    Total Sugars 13.7g
    Protein 11.1g
    Vit D (0% DV)
    Potassium (10% DV)
    Calcium (7% DV)
    Iron (18% DV)
    Manufactured in a facility that produces products that contain wheat, soy, eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

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