Paleo 101 Course - Jan 20th, 2018

Nik & Lee will be presenting a Paleo 101 course on January 20th, 2018 from 9-10:30 AM at the Paleo Treats HQ (4662 30th St, San Diego CA 92116)  to help you make Paleo work in your life.
This seminar will be 90 minutes with a 10 minute break in the middle.
Here are some of the questions we will answer:
What is the Paleo diet?
How is Paleo more than just a diet?
How to maximize the benefits of Paleo?
What are the 7 Pillars of Paleo?
Are cheat days okay?
Best way to ease into Paleo?
What is intermittent fasting, and why does it work?
Is grass fed meat really better?
Should my veggies be organic?
What about fruit?
What is the difference between keto and Paleo?
We’ll also cover the following topics:
How to judge portion size.
Local sources - where we shop in San Diego.
Breakfast of champions.
What should your plate look like.
The magic item everybody should add no matter what.
Both beginners and experienced Paleo practitioners will learn a ton.
And at the end we'll do a 30 minute Q + A to cover any questions you may have.
Seating is limited to 20 people.
Who’s presenting?
We (Nik Hawks & Lee Selman) own Paleo Treats and have lived a Paleo lifestyle since 2009.
We are recognized as some of the pioneers in the Paleo food movement, and we have been helping people understand Paleo since we began.
As we’ve gone along we’ve learned a ton which we’d love to share with YOU. We have consulted for Red Bull, FedEx and the United States Healthful Food Council. We are excited to share our knowledge with you; let's do this! ~ Nik + Lee

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