On Being Paleo

Whether you're brand new to Paleo or a long time Paleo nerd, this eBook and bonus 30+ paleo recipes will help deepen your understanding of Paleo. 

Trying to figure out where to start? Need help with weight loss or beating a disease?  Want to know how to go beyond diet (and exercise) to maximize your evolutionary birthright?  This is where we've put all the big answers to the most important questions we hear over and over.

Worried that the Paleo diet might be too hard to do?  

We've got you covered with this 50+ page eBook that includes over 30 of our favorite paleo and primal recipes.  We want to make Paleo easy and useful for you.

Since starting Paleo Treats in 2009, Lee and I have answered thousands of questions about Paleo.  Whether you're brand new and want to know if you can eat more than just meat (Yes!) or you're an old hand looking for a new perspective, we figured it was time to write down and put in one place not just the answers to those questions, but the way we see the world.

We've gathered the resources you'll need to make Paleo work hard for you.  

Here they are in one easy download.  This includes:

  • An introduction to Paleo that goes way beyond food.
  • The Seven Pillars of Paleo (Paleo is way more than just food or exercise!)
  • All of Nik + Lee's favorite personal recipes they use at home! (Just not the official Paleo Treats recipes.)
  • 2 x cards you can magnet to your fridge that lay out both the Paleo diet and the Paleo lifestyle.
  • Links to our top blog posts on the wilder side of Paleo.

This is a great way to really understand Paleo from a broad perspective and lay out the steps to sky-rocket your health!  

Starting with an easy introduction and the basics of Paleo (what we call the "Seven Pillars", where we go WAY beyond Nutrition) we give you a "Paleo lens" to understand the diet and the lifestyle.

We include a couple of printable cards that help explain Paleo to your friends, family, or office workers.

On Being Paleo finishes up with the practical side, sharing delicious printable recipes that will convince any non-believer that Paleo can be a SUPER tasty method of eating.

This ebook includes recipes for "transition foods" like Paleo pizza and pancakes as well as some of our favorite dessert and snacks that you can make at home.


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