Build Your Energy, Power, and Confidence Through Fasting

So you've got some questions about fasting, eh?  If the 5 Day Water Fast blog post we wrote wasn't enough and you want to dive deeper in the fascinating story and science of fasting, this is your resource. 

In this eBook, we cover the history of fasting, why people do it, what you can expect, and the many different ways humans have used fasting to lose weight, improve performance, and change their outlook on life.

We cover the most frequently asked questions we get about fasting PLUS way more!

Chapter 1 talks about the history of fasting, famous faster, whether or not fasting really builds muscle, and if fasting is good for long term weight loss.

Chapter 2 covers the various definitions of fasting, the types of fasts and their benefits, the "rules" behind each fast, and includes a compare and contrast charts of the many types of fasting.

Chapter 3 talks about what to do once you've started fasting.  Should you work out or rest, and if you should, how much?  What are some good workouts you can do on various types of fasts, plus what you should expect both physically and psychologically.  We discuss when to stop a fast, and what to do if you're hungry while fasting.

Chapter 4 is all about after a fast; what should you do when it's over?  We talk about long term and sustainable fasting (including intermittent fasting), the warrior diet, 20 hours fasts, and cheat days.

Chapter 5 is for you science geeks and dives deep into leptin levels, ketones, and how fasting affect growth hormones.  We also have a quick cheat sheet of fasters you can name drop at your next health conference.  :)

Chapter 6 is for funky fasting facts, like the longest fast ever, how fasting has changed history, and just how quickly you can enter ketosis.

If you're looking for an easy, fun, and ultra informative read on the topic of fasting, this is your ticket!


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