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I'm deep into a new book called Oil + Marble. It's the incredible story of rivals Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Ā The book has so many cool tidbits, it's extra special because we saw both of their mindblowing work at the Louvre last year. Did you know the Mona Lisa once hung in Napoleon's bedroom?

We will be attending a wedding in England this summer, so for my birthday, I requested to go wing-walking while there. Yeah, it is what it sounds like.
Been a dream of mine forever and it's hard to find in the States for obvious reasons. Check it out here. Would you do it? :)Ā 

In celebration of the month of love, here's the love story of Nik and me. We have 23 years under our belts, and I love him even more than when we first met

Later gator! LEEĀ 

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