February 22, 2024

Art, EV's, and Ruston LA

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I'm deep in the studio, working on an art-on-cardboard series for two art shows in the fall, one in Alicante, Spain and one in Singapore. My first international shows! If you want to see what I'm brewing up as the artist KickBoy follow my art page. If you happen to see any you dig, reach out, they are all available! Yes they are on cardboard, yes you can frame them, yes I can ship.

Nik and I completely forgot about a wedding we need to be at in Santa Barbara this weekend. We rented a Tesla through Turo to try something different. Almost cheaper than driving the Tacoma, and hopefully more fun than the last time we did an electric road trip. Highly recommend checking the app out, it's like Airbnb but for cars.

I got an email last week from one Ronny Walker, mayor of Ruston Louisiana, population 22,600. Normally, these things are just garbage, but it was a heartfelt letter, telling me all about Ruston and why to think about moving our business there. Ronny added a great photo of himself and links to the town. It warmed my heart and I was impressed with his tactics. Good on ya Ronny! (I mean, we're not moving. Love San Diego. :) Cheers to you all! LEE

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