Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
September 24, 2017

A Visit From World Famous Truck Artist Haider Ali

Truck painted by world famous truck artist Haider Ali from Pakistan
Master truck artist from Pakistan Haider Ali visits for a week with the Paleo Treats crew.  As usual, we learned just as much about humans, beauty, and love as we did about the profession of truck art.  Enjoy the amazing jingle truck art! View full article →
September 03, 2017

We're Moving!

The New Paleo Treats OfficePaleo Treats has moved!  We're in a new location with more space.  Here's the story of how it all went down, from eviction to triumph! View full article →
August 24, 2017

The Sugar Overdose Story

Overdosed on Sugar?  Cut it out!
When the stress mounts up and we succumb to its pressure, even a slight overdose of sugar can be a problem.  Here's how it happened, what we did, and how it all turned out.  Enjoy! View full article →
August 16, 2017

Advice From A Strong Relationship

Nik and Lee from Paleo Treats
"How do you have such a strong relationship?"  It's a question that Lee & I hear all the time, usually asked with a mixture of incredulity that two people so obviously different can get along, and a curiousness for how it actually happens; we've been going strong since March 2001.  Here are 3 ways we've kept it together. View full article →
August 13, 2017

So You Want To Be A Champion?

Becoming a champion starts in the mind.
Look, there's not one magic key to excellence.  Becoming a champion only happens when you execute well on a slew of skills.  Here's one of the important, and often overlooked, skills of a champion. View full article →
August 04, 2017

You Speak Another Language

The 5 senses of Body Language
It's not every day you can connect directly with every piece of information surrounding you, translate it instantly and immediately turn it into healthy action.  Oh wait, it is.  You've just been listening in the wrong way. View full article →
July 27, 2017

The 3i Problem

Love it or Leave it -- Make your job joyful
As part of a paleo dessert company, I see a lot of joyful people.  Folks are usually stoked for a healthy treat.  However, I look around and also see a lot of people who are missing out on joy.  What are 3 things you've got to cut out if you'd like your life to be more joyful?  Let's explore... View full article →
July 20, 2017

Contrast & Curiosity

Curiosity drives contrast drives enjoyment drives curiosity
Ok, ok, you're looking for a better life?  Want people to like you more?  Want to stimulate your brain and body and mind and grow to your full evolutionary potential?  Here's the fully illustrated (un)secret way to do it. View full article →
July 15, 2017

The Morning Routine

The Morning Routine
What do you do with your mornings?  Over the years, I've developed a morning routine to help encourage the best possible outcomes over the course of my day.  Here's how I do it... View full article →
July 06, 2017

Paragliding Has Me In Its Clutches

Paragliding, sport of weirdos
One important piece of a thriving life is to pursue excellence outside of work and home.  Yeah, I'm talking about sport and nature.  For me, I've been sucked in hard by paragliding, and here's why... View full article →
June 28, 2017

On Being A Good Human

Wisdom from Paleo Treats
What does it mean to be a good human? Is there a blueprint for becoming better and living a more fulfilling life?  I certainly think so, here's my take on it. View full article →
June 12, 2017

Episode 50: Dr. Amy Kruse & Neuroscience

Dr Amy Kruse, podcast interview about neuroscience
What happened to those straight-A nerds in high school?  They grew up and dove into figuring out how the world works.  Listen in to this conversation with one of them, Dr. Amy Kruse, who coined the terms "Accelerated Learning" and "Applied Neuroscience." View full article →
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