Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
Paleo Treats® Blog - Paleo info, ingredients, and righteous adventures beyond dessert
December 08, 2018

Paleo Treats Holiday Gift Guide

Paleo Treats Holiday Gift Guide 2018
Looking for holiday gifts for your Paleo peeps?  Cruise our 2018 Paleo Holiday gift guide; we've got keto options, our favorite tech, amazing wine, and all kinds of Paleo-supporting ideas for ya! View full article →
November 04, 2018

Business Card Reality

Business advice from failing and succeeding
Paleo Treats is our first attempt at business and within 3 short months we had made enough money to be knocking back endless Mai-Tai's in an undisclosed and extremely private island in the Bahamas.  NOT! --> View full article →
November 01, 2018

Sleep, Move, Track: How We Fell In Love With A Ring

Oura Ring Review by Nik Hawks and Lee Selman
So you're not a tech geek but you're curious about your sleep?  Here's a ring we found that'll track your sleep and activity without any huge effort on your part.  Leverage technology for better living, here's how we do it! View full article →
October 08, 2018

The Invention of Nature

The book, The Invention of Nature
Want to dive deeper into how our idea of Paleo came to be?  Check out this book review on the life of a scientist who inspired Darwin, was the first to describe the phenomenon of human-induced climate change, and generally helped humans understand the idea of interconnectedness. View full article →
October 05, 2018

A Month of Measurement

Month of Measurement
Looking to measure your performance?  Break those measurements up into subjective (how you feel), and objective (what your "numbers" are.)   Here's how we measure using the PME system along with biomarker measurements. View full article →
October 03, 2018

Conversation with a mentor

Mentors are elusive creatures, but the idea of mentorship is one that we evolved to take advantage of.  Mentors are teachers who have gone where you want to go and can give you guidance not on where to walk, but on how to carry yourself on the path. View full article →
October 01, 2018

Love as a performance enhancer

Nik Hawks, far watcher
In the search for performance enhancers, we often get suckered in to hints, tips, and tricks.  You're better off going deeply into sources of true power.  One of those sources of higher performance is love, here's how to use it to make your performances far better. View full article →
September 16, 2018

A Conversation with Barb & Doug Garrott from OE Hand Grinders

The Nik Hawks Show: Episode 58 with Barb & Doug Garrott from Orphan Espresso
Let's talk about the pursuit of excellence, both in coffee grinders and podcasts.  I'm re-branding the old Paleo Treats Podcast to be The Nik Hawks show, and I kicked it off with a 2 hour conversation with 2 people who combine both curiosity and the pursuit of excellence.  Enjoy the results! View full article →
August 05, 2018

Episode 58: Randy Leavitt

Randy Leavitt
Randy Leavitt comes on the Paleo Treats podcast to talk about the pursuit of excellence, delayed gratification, and what he's psyched on outside of climbing. View full article →
July 24, 2018

Episode 57: Gregory Crouch and The Bonanza King

Author Gregory Crouch, The Bonanza KingMy good friend and author Greg Crouch comes back on the Paleo Treats podcast to discuss the story of John Mackay, one of the four Bonanza Kings who ran the massively profitable Con. Virginia mine on the Comstock Lode. View full article →
July 12, 2018

Episode 56: Carla Naden and Animal Synergy

Carla Naden of Animal Synergy with Freeshavocado
This podcast with Carla Naden from Animal Synergy gives you a peek into the mind of a person truly committed to her belief system.  Carla's the closest I think I'll come to meeting a living saint, and there are few people I'm more inspired by or more in awe of.  She has put her life in service of commendable ideals, you'd be hard pressed to find a better example of practicing what you preach.  Go Carla! View full article →
July 07, 2018

Surfing the Chat

And then there was the time I sent a picture of myself wearing a speedo off to a perfect stranger.  Ahh, the vagaries of the LiveChat experience. View full article →