Does Dry Ice Make A Difference?

Got questions about whether or not you should use dry ice?  

In a small package, dry ice can keep a box up to 7 degrees cooler at the 48 hour mark.  With coconut oil being a common ingredient in many of our products at Paleo Treats, that's the difference between a delicious Treat and a melted mess.  

Want to see the difference in temps?  Here's a test we ran using some fancy dataloggers. 

PT-1 was our standard packout, including 2 lbs of dry ice.  PT-2 was the same but without the dry ice.  Pretty interesting, eh?

The rules around shipping dry ice vary with carrier, here's FedEx's as an example.  Check with your carrier to find out how to ship it safely!

Perishable Shipping With and Without Dry Ice


We are PSYCHED to help you learn how to ship your perishable product across the country.  A consultation with us can save you years of experimenting and thousands of dollars.  Reach out via our Contact form to learn more. 

Here's to your small food biz success!


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