Butter Coffee Recipe

Looking for a step by step recipe to make fat burning butter coffee?  Download this full size PDF (you can print it out and stick it to your fridge) and you'll also get our extra tip on how to make a sugar free primal mocha.

We're big fans of butter coffee and have been tweaking/perfecting this recipe for a few years.  It's not rocket surgery, but there's more to it than just adding a chunk of butter and hoping that will work (it won't.)

Whether you're set on coconut coffee, looking for bullet coffee, or some variation on the caffeinated mug of the gods, we've got you covered.

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All of the recipes in our Store are full color 1 page (regular 8.5" x 11" paper) that you can print out and stick on your fridge.  We've done all the formatting for you, and we've tested each recipe in a home kitchen.   If you'd like to see the full recipe including the original blog post, please search for it on our blog.

This recipe is Primal (Paleo + grass fed dairy), and meets our requirements for delicious food you can make at home.

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