The best make you better.

I was complaining to Lee this week about how the world was at fault for one of my problems.  I was hoping she'd say, "Aw, it's OK, you'll get through this."  Instead, she did something way better.  
She said, "Stop it.  You're just repeating lines you heard from someone else about how it's not working for them.  Instead of repeating bullshit, come up with something better."
It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but by God it was a reminder I didn't marry some milksop pushover, and I'd better step up my game.  I did, and while I didn't like it at the time, sometimes ya just have to be ready to be held to account for your bullshit.  
Plus one for Lee.
We had dinner with a friend Sunday night, and it was superb. Perfectly roasted pork from Da-Le Ranch, asparagus from the Hillcrest farmer's market, dessert was raw whipped cream on strawberries (Primal, not Paleo for you nitpickers).
Royalty of old didn't eat this well, AND I got a hot shower in at the end of the day.  Sometimes it's good to remember just how bloody amazing it is to be alive in 2023.  
Thanks for all the book recs last week!  I managed to get many ordered at the library.  While I'm waiting for those to arrive I've been wading through the Federalist Papers (not a a biography, but recommended by my buddy AK and they're online so I could start right away.) 
While the US Constitution is a pretty rad document, it's the Federalist papers that took it from 'Hey, that might work" to "This is the best form of government to yet exist."
If you've ever wondered what Americans have to be so proud of when it comes to government, the Federalist Papers are probably one of the best set of primary documents to read and learn from.
I always get a thrill from reading primary sources, even if it ain't the easily digestible chunks we've all been fed recently.  This is HISTORY, and it's HOT!
Have a rad week!

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