Wellness Trends and the Uncomplicated Wisdom of Self-Love

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They're finally catching up to our Seven Pillars of Paleo idea, breaking down wellness into six categories.  
I'm very pleased to note that, much like Spinal Tap, Paleo Treats always goes one notch further.
Still, it ain't enough to satisfy demand as around 37 percent of surveyed people wanted even more products and services in the sleep and mindfulness segments. 
My advice?  Go visit my Mom in Indiana, jump in the river that runs by her house and you'll have plenty of time to work on mindfulness.  For sleep, well, be in bed by 10 pm with a good book and you'll probably get as much as you can handle.
This shit ain't that hard; let's not overcomplicate it!
Just to keep ya thinking, while I was out at Mom's I enjoyed a snack of cottage cheese and blueberries most afternoons.  I used to be super sensitive to dairy, and now I don't really have problems with it.
I'd say that's anecdotal evidence that our guts change both as we age and as we generally clean up our diet.
It's too late to lecture you about getting your Valentine's day order in; ya blew it if you wanted a box to arrive in time. 
Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't love yourself, and I think we can make a pretty strong case that Paleo Treats are a way to keep that love going all year long.

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