March 17, 2012

Hard hittin', flat shootin'

That about sums up the Paleo Treats outlook on life. We get where we’re going in as straight a line as possible and we deliver all the energy we can on-target.

This may be Greek to you, if it is, follow ol’ G-dubs advice and search the internets (sic). Look for .17 and Chuck Hawks.

Paleo Treats deliver as much good clean energy to your body as efficiently as possible, allowing you to continue on with your caveman life.

On a side note, if you’re into eating Paleo beyond dessert, you probably know that feeding your dog that dry garbage made of corn rejects and packaged in 50 lb increments with a shelf life that outlasts the Revolution…well, you get the idea.

Start feeding your dog raw meaty bones and supplement with some good frozen patties. If you were to trade places with your dog, you know he’d do it for you.

Here's a typical breakfast for one of our dogs, Birdie.  She gets a sardine drizzled with the oil from the can, carrots, broccoli, and a bell pepper.  For veggies we vary it, usually depending on what we had the night before or really, whatever is in the fridge.

Sardines for dogs, or how to feed your dog Paleo

Yes, I’m telling you what to do, because you’re probably doing it wrong right now.

Now, in the immortal words of BH, Get after it!

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Nik Hawks


Nik Hawks helps run the show at Paleo Treats. Fascinated by humans in all their strange glory, Nik is harnessed in and pulling hard in pursuit of excellence with the rest of the PT Crew. Enjoy!

Too much reading...
How about dessert?

Too Much Reading...How About Dessert?

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