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February 20, 2017

Paleo Tortillas: When You Need A Wrap

Paleo tortillas, yummy!Looking for an excellent Paleo tortilla recipe?  Rest thine eyes upon this latest offering from Leslie B, our in-house Paleo cookin' mama!  While these ain't the easiest thing to make, there's nothing like a warm tortilla wrap to make those breakfast burritos ultra tasty. View full article →
February 14, 2017

Peanut Butter & "Almost" Paleo Bread

Paleo Bread recipe, blog postOk, so this post started off about Paleo bread but quickly jumped to peanut butter.  It's just so darn good that Leslie B had to get her rant on.  Enjoy the hilarity and stick around for the Paleo bread recipe at the end. View full article →
February 07, 2017

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Chocolate Frosting. Yeah, Paleo.

Red Velvet Cupcake, Paleo recipeLooking for a Paleo Red Velvet Cupcake recipe?  With chocolate frosting?  Yep, you're in the right place.  Laugh your way through Leslie's introduction to Valentine's Day, then gorge yourself on the glorious cupcakes! Enjoy! View full article →
January 12, 2017

So you're looking for fat bombs?

Sweet & Savory Paleo Fat BombsWhat's a fat bomb, you ask?  It's a snack that satiates your hunger with a small mouthful.  The fat in these bombs is gloriously high in healthy calories and sends a message to your tummy to quit with the "Want" signal.  These are a great alternative to eating that tray of empty-calorie cookies you've been eyeing... View full article →
December 29, 2016

Elements of a Cookie

Cookie Central: Elements of a great cookieWhat are the essential elements of a cookie?  This is a "That's NOT Paleo!" post, be prepared to be revolted, delighted, and amused.  We're talking about food here, and it's well known that diets are just as dangerous to talk about as religion or politics.  Here we go! View full article →
December 10, 2016

Five Ways to Incorporate Turmeric, the Golden Healer.

How to use turmeric, the golden spice.Want a great way to spice up your meals, drinks, and soups?  Check out turmeric, the golden spice!  Paleo mama Leslie B contributed these amazing Paleo recipes using turmeric, enjoy! View full article →
November 30, 2016

Holiday Apple Crisp Recipe -- It's Paleo!

Apple Crisp with whipped cream, Paleo styleLooking for a Paleo dessert recipe?  How about a glorious apple crisp, complete with paleo whipped cream?  Super yummy, Mom tested and kid approved.  This ain't the easiest to make, but it's delicious.  Enjoy! View full article →
November 20, 2016

Cranberry Sauce & Stuffing, Paleo style

Cranberry sauce and stuffing, Paleo style!Looking for Paleo adaptations for this Thanksgiving?  Here are two of our faves from our fave mommy cook Leslie B:  You ready for cranberry sauce and stuffing, Paleo-style?  Enjoy! View full article →
October 15, 2016

Paleo Halloween Treats

Paleo Halloween Treats, pumpkin truffles and prune sweetiesLooking for Halloween Treat recipes that happen to be Paleo?  Got ya covered with these two.  Pumpkin truffles made with almond butter and Spooky stuffed prunes should take you through this "holiday" relatively safely. View full article →
October 03, 2016

After school snacks (and a smoothie for you!)

Smoothie, dip, and cookies, all Paleo!From the wizard kitchen of Leslie B., here's a paleo cookie recipe for your kids, a savory dip recipe for your friends, and at the end of it all a paleo pina colada recipe to help you relax after whipping up all that goodness.  Enjoy! View full article →
September 27, 2016

It's Fall, time for Paleo pie & soup!

Paleo pie recipe and soupLooking for an amazing set of recipes for the abundance of the fall harvest?  Check out these two, a sweet and savory combo that'll make your kiddos and friends start to perk up when they hear Paleo's for dinner.  Enjoy! View full article →
September 10, 2016

Lunchbox Friendly Paleo Muffins

Paleo Chocolate Muffin RecipesLooking for sweet or savory Paleo muffin recipes?  Here are 2 great ideas from Leslie B, our resident "Paleo cooking mama", plus a bonus recipe for Paleo chocolate frosting, ultra yum!  Enjoy both making and serving these real food lunchbox specials and don't forget to sample a few yourself.  Cheers! View full article →