November 25, 2014

Episode 26: Brooks Kubik, round 2

Paleo Treats® Episode 26: Brooks Kubik, round 2

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We are stoked to welcome back Brooks "I like a black iron gym" Kubik, 5 time National Bench Press champ and prolific author in the Iron Game.  Brooks & I continue our conversation, this time heading into the territory of the mind; how to develop a powerful mind set, how to train with focus and intensity both with and without partners, and the importance of dingy (some would say low-rent) workout facilities.

As usual, Brooks weaves all the weightlifting greats into the conversation, from John Davis to William C Hise to Harry Paschall to Bradley J Steiner. 

Well worth listening to if you have ANY interest at all in learning from one of the strongest authors in the Iron Game.

We also talk about expanding the rib cage, which is about as old-school weightlifting as you can get, but from a runner's perspective it offers some possibilities if it works.

Go ahead, have a listen!

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