May 17, 2015

Before you quit

I’ve heard about a few folks quitting or wanting to quit lately and thought I’d share what has worked for me in the fight against that deathless bitch, Queen Q(uit).  Sure, I’ve sipped from her cup a time or two, but the bitter taste went down violently enough that I marked carefully the experience and decisions leading up to that and have mostly avoided them since.

It's the last thing you do that works, not the first thing.

First, remember that it’s only the last thing you do that works, not the first thing.  If you just keep going, you’ll get to that last thing.  Just keep going.

Second, if what you’re doing isn’t working, take a minute to see if there’s a reason.  I’ve donkey-kicked the hell out of more than one brick wall not realizing I wasn’t in front of a door.  You don’t have to “Marine” the damn thing, you just have to get to the other side. I’ve broken through an awful lot of doors that would have opened easily & well if only I’d reached for the handle.  Find the best way; it may not always be the way in front of your nose.

The best way may not always be the one you can see.

Third, take a breather and (usually) get a meal in ya.  Many an adventurer has been tricked by the Queen simply for lack of fuel.  Don’t make decisions on an empty stomach.

Don't make decisions on an empty stomach.

Fourth, as my good friend Heidi Fearon says, "Remember your Why."  If your Why is worth a shit, you won’t quit.  Set yourself up for success before you begin by making sure your Why is solid.

Fifth, take a good look at the folks around you.  You’re a reflection of them, and if you roll with the weak you’ll lay down with the meek.  Roll with the strongest, toughest, raddest most pipe-hittingest people you can find and you’ll see that the Queen recognizes power in numbers and shrinks from it.  She’s easy to avoid if she’s too afraid to come hunting for you.

Every so often you have to shuck off your armor and stride forth.

The flip side of number five (and my personal favorite) is this:  Every so often you have to shuck off your armor, stride forth from your crew and step within Queen Q’s deadly range with nothing more than what God gave you.  You have to be willing to test cleanly and without assistance whether or not you are meeting the standards of your tribe.  It’s in those moments, when the high and pure sound of victory is drowned out by the screeching hordes of doubt that you’ll find out everything you ever wanted to know about what it takes to not quit.

Quitting doesn't have much to do with luck or circumstance, it has to do with you.

I’d tell you that’s it and wish you good luck, fair winds & following seas, but quitting doesn’t have much to do with luck or circumstance.  Quitting has to do with you.  Keep on truckin’, friends!

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Nik Hawks


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