A smile.

For the month of October, we have been gifting free chocolate with both online and in store orders.
I LOVE seeing the smiles in our store when I hand out a little piece of chocolate. Totally makes my day; here's sending a smile you're way!
I'm OBSESSED.  This is week 2 of using Herbal Face Food, a medical grade skin care line made with 150+ botanicals and herbs.
For the first time after using a natural skin care product I'm actually seeing results. My brown spots on my forehead are going aways. It's so clean it's edible. (don't eat it). Use code PALEOTREATS for 20% off in their store.
It's been a heavy week. Reach out to your friends and family, especially your Israeli and Palestinian ones, and tell them you love them. 
I've been checking in with ours daily. There is hate in the world but there is a lot of beauty and love too.
Be the source of the latter. ❤️

Paleo Treats


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