Dorothy is rad.

It's good to have people to look up to.Ā  One of my faves is Dorothy Ainsworth.Ā 

"I always wanted a big log houseā€¦never mind I was a woman with no building experience, no fat bank account, and no helpmate. What I DID have was a piece of land, an old pickup truck, tons of energy, and a high pain threshold."
My kind of hero!Ā  She's written at least one book about her experience building her own house (twice), and I just found out she's also released a video documentary, which I thought I'd share.Ā  Here's hoping you get as inspired as I have by her!
How much do you read per day?Ā  It just hit me that if I shifted an hour of my "internet" time to reading a book, I'd be better off.Ā 
Sounds absurdly simple, but it's been awesome so far!Ā Ā 

Have you ever stumbled on something like that, where it should have been obvious but it took a long time to see?
Back in the early days of Paleo Treats, when Lee and I were meeting potential investors, they'd eventually say something like, "Oh, you guys are a lifestyle business.Ā  Not our thing."Ā 
They way they said it used to make me feel like we'd somehow built something not valuable.
That was probably 10 years ago.Ā 
I'm still eating a Bandito every day, I still believe Paleo works about as well as anything, and I love every food item we sell.Ā 
It ain't the easiest way to make money, and there have been plenty of times where we've barely made payroll , but on balance, I'd say the whole "lifestyle" thing is pretty valuable.Ā 

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