Desert. Space. Desert.

Is there anything more mind blowing than how vast and empty and magical space is? I remember sitting in the Sahara for the first time with the Tuaregs, it was close to midnight.

One of them, dressed in all indigo, squatted over a small flame wire cage burner making tea. He blew on the tinder every once in a while to keep the flame going. The flame would cast shadows on his indigo dyed face and his dark eyes stared at me. 

I was mouth agape, goggling up at the sky. I had never seen anything like it. In the middle of the Sahara there is no light interference within hundreds of miles.  It is the most empty space you will ever find. The stars were a bowl from horizon to horizon and it was unreal to experience.

The nomad asked if I had just got out of prison because I was so in awe of the sky.


We are so small in comparison. One of the greatest miracles has been the James Webb Space Telescope (25 years in the making) that has laid space and time at our feet. 

It's searching for the “let there be light” moment and it's not far off. If you get a chance, watch some of these amazing videos on the James Webb Channel.


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