Let's kick it off!

In case you missed it, we're running a Black Friday sale of 20% off, good through the weekend.  Use code BLKFRIDAY20 when ya check out, good for any orders we ship.
I wanted to run a way more complicated sale, where the discount followed some crazy math rule that doubled the square of an irrational number and plutified it by the inverse tangent of...but Lee put the kibosh on that.  So 20% off it is!
Speaking of math, I'm still reading John Gribbin's Deep Simplicity, and I'm psyched to learn that math proves the value of being able to thrive in change.
Chaos theory shows that we live far from equilibrium, in close vicinity at all times to chance events that may favor or retard us.  
This is a fundamental truth of life.  The fact that these favors or disfavors occur is something not to be avoided but expected.
Given that expectation, an attitude of enthusiastic embrace of change and of constantly improving our ability to make the most of each change is a fundamental key to success.
Hell yeah for chaos theory!
As the bitter depths of winter descend on us here in San Diego and temps drop closer to absolute zero (the high fifties), know that everyone here is ready with Patagonia puffy jackets, board shorts, and Ugg boots, clutching a hot double-honey latte in one mittened hand.

I'm still locked into the morning routine, enjoying my hot coffee that delivers just that much more comfort when it's biting-cold (58) outside.
Big heart from the soft southland!

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