February 03, 2017

Humans of Paleo: Cameo Pierce

Humans of Paleo

These Humans of Paleo posts were inspired by the Humans of....Facebook pages. This is our attempt to share personal stories of Paleo with you, hopefully inspiring you to make changes with your diet and lifestyle.  ENJOY!

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Meet Cameo Pierce from Lemon & Fig!

Cameo Pierce from Lemon & Fig, Humans of Paleo

What brought you to eating Paleo/clean? 

I was on too much medication for being so young, completely exhausted, and wanted to take control of my own health.

What has been the toughest part? 

The hardest part for me is when others tease me for my food choices. It doesn't derail me at all, but it can sting.

What has been the easiest part? 

The easiest part is just doing it. It's our body's natural diet!

What is the most satisfying part? 

The most satisfying part is being strong, being healthy, and having energy!

What are you going to conquer this year? 

This year I will grow my nutrition practice and open enrollment for a support group style class.

Cameo Pierce, Lemon & Fig

What is your best quality? 

I don't glorify busyness and in turn have peace and fulfillment!

What was the happiest moment of your life? 

The happiest moment is when I finally was cleared to eliminate my very last medication! I felt so free.

One piece of advice to someone starting Paleo? 

My biggest piece of advise is to listen to your body and not be so stringent; you'll get stuck on the rules and miss out on the freedom of food!

Never leave the house without: 

My dog, Annie Oakley.

What is your exercise regime: 

I walk the pup about a mile each day and do some sort of functional movement every single day. I most recently tried out a floating HIIT class and loved it so I'll be incorporating that as well! In the summer months I go hiking about once a week.

Snack of choice: 

Lately I've been loving shredded chicken with Primal Kitchen's honey mustard dressing. I keep it in the fridge and eat it cold with an avocado.

Beauty essential: 


Skincare ritual:

I use Fatco cleansing oil in the evenings and Beautycounter charcoal bar in the mornings with tallow balm as my moisturizer. I also love a weekly charcoal mask alternated with an exfoliating honey sea salt scrub.

Best advice from MOM:

Extend more grace and kindness than is deserved. Always give people the benefit of the doubt.

A must read book recommendation: 

Happier Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

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